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A Little Inspiration: Berry Beautiful

Groomsmen / Cake / Menu / Frozen Fruit / Bride and Groom / Bowl / Hands / Blankets / Garden Roses / Ice Cream

A Little Inspiration: Pretty Pastels

Streamer Garland / Horses / Vase / Bouquet / Chandelier / Bride / Table / Bridesmaids / Ties / Door

There is something so classic about a pretty pastel wedding.  Add in a few rustic touches and I’m sold.  For me, this look comes close to perfect.

A Little Inspiration: Vintage Green and Gold

Hanging Dress / Envelopes / Frames / Bridesmaid / Vintage Dress / Feathers / CeremonyBracelet / Boutonnieres / Notes / Brooch

A Little Inspiration: Tangerine Dream

Guests / Bride and GroomVaseSpeckles / Table / Food / InvitationFlowers / Bunting / Cake / Cocktails

Is it wrong that this board makes me want to sing?

A Little Inspiration: Cranberry Craving

Plaid / Upside Down Cakes / Table / Dress / Cake / Cranberries

A Little Inspiration: From the Groom

All photos found on Pinterest.

I’d like to introduce myself as you know of me, but we have not been formally introduced. My name is Mark. Yes, that’s right, I’m the Groom. I’m the man that has asked Laicie (LO as I call her) to marry me.

Ill be honest, I feel a little lost in the planning of the wedding. I’m no stranger to the notion that a wedding is one of the biggest days of a woman’s life, that from a little girl the images of romance swirl through her head. LO was that little girl and has grown to this woman that now wants to make the wedding reflect the feeling that we have for one another, that’s no easy task.

I feel like I’m a usual groom, I want the wedding to be everything that she has dreamed of. I want to be involved, because the wedding is about us, but I don’t want to get in the way as well. I find myself testing the waters to see how she reacts to know if it will make her happy or not and worst of all I might say, “What do you like?”

Well I’m a fast learner, and it’s taken me since our engagement to realize that this is a fatal mistake. LO really wants my input and having it is as important to her as the wedding itself, I think a lot of Brides are this way.

So, I’ve decided to make amends. One out of the million details that needs to be addressed is the BBQ reception we are having the night before our wedding. This BBQ is a welcome to our weary travelers slash rehearsal dinner. It’s important and has become an event in itself.

So, in a new good faith effort to do what all grooms should do I made an inspiration board!

I created an inspiration board to bring to LO to give her a pure idea of what I envisioned for the BBQ… and then I listened. She loved some parts and didn’t like others… but now we have a platform to mold the BBQ into something that is special for me and special for her.

This is the board I brought to her. Take a look tell me what you think. Ill have her post the final board when we get there.

A Little Inspiration: White Wedding

Table / Books / Jars / Flowers / Lace / Car / Liqueur / Dresses / Cake / Flower Girls / Invitation Suite / Bride

A Little Inspiration: Roses

Rose Garden / Dress / China / Invitation / Seed Bags / Teacups

What can I say?  I was inspired.

A Little Inspiration: Winter Warmth

Swing / Suitcase / Cakes / Turntable / Book / Coke / Bride / Reindeer / Table / Cabin / Tree

It’s been much too long since I posted an inspiration board, and since it doesn’t feel like winter here at all, I thought I’d try and create my own.

I love that despite the cold, this board still feels warm and cozy.  Right now I would like nothing more than to be curled up in that cabin, sipping hot cocoa and humming along to Christmas songs with my honey.  I can’t believe I’m saying it… but I’m kind of ready for some snow.

A Little Inspiration: Hi-Fi Hues

Table Setting / Throw / Concert Poster Invite / Bridal Inspiration / CD Programs / Flowers

Today’s inspiration board isn’t just filled with gorgeous bright hues, perfect for any season, it also contains some of the best musical inspiration I’ve seen.  A concert poster as an invite, a program that imitates a CD with “all you need is love” printed on the front and a mock playlist on the back.  Take that and mix it with a little vintage romance… the combination is sheer perfection.