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Cottage in Nova Scotia

We’re off to Nova Scotia today (she says, as if this is totally normal).

No really, we had no idea on Monday morning that we would be doing this today, but it was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up (and a free one at that) so here we go! I promise to return with tons of pictures of this crazy adventure… goodness knows that with two months of planning to go, I could use a little break from the day to day.

In the mean time, be sure to follow my Instagram feed. I’ll be posting as we go.

Oh, did I mention it’s a tuna fishing trip?

I sincerely have no idea what to expect.

Photo: New York Times

That time we ran through the mud in a thunderstorm…

muddy feet / tough mudder / a thousand threads

Okay, so I was prepared for the mud.  I was prepared for the obstacles.  I was prepared to have a heck of a day and hurt a lot after.

I can’t say I was prepared for the thunderstorm.

But we ran through the rain, laughed, joked, helped each other, rolled around in the mud…

And you guys, we had so much fun…

laughing / tough mudderthe boys / tough mudderafter tough mudder / a thousand threads

Check out Mark’s blog for more pictures and a play by play.

And happy Monday!  What were you all up to this weekend?

Rainy Day Chores

Stamp / A Thousand Threads

It was a rainy holiday weekend here in Maryland, with the remains of Hurricane Isaac working their way up the coast and landing just in time to sabotage our sunny plans, but we made the most of the opportunity and hunkered down to finish a few nagging chores.

Picture editing, envelope stamping, workin’ on the camera skills… the thing is, everything is better when you’re together, so it wasn’t so bad.

Mark / A Thousand Threads

We spent the rest of the weekend taking advantage of the outdoors when we could, squeezing in a couple of runs and a little time at the driving range… then huddling under the blankets to take in a movie (so good) and sip a possible wedding champagne.

And of course, we didn’t let the rain stop us from a little end of summer ice cream at the best place in town.

Who’s afraid of a little rain? Not us…

instagram lake

It was looking like a lost cause for a while there on Saturday.  We woke up to a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms and some very grey skies.  But in the end I’m proud to say that we all put on our big kid pants and decided we didn’t care.

Rain or no rain, we were going camping.

And hey, the gamble worked out pretty well!  The night was clear enough for a cookout and a campfire, and the rain didn’t start until we were safe in our sleeping bags, snoring away.


Of course, had things gone really bad, we weren’t roughing it that hard… the property we camped on had not just one but two pavilions… with lights… and a pretty sweet grill… and well, if things really went south, a cabin to hole up in.

Austin is six, so we haven’t quite made it to the hardcore backpacking adventures… those will come.  For now, when we take him camping we’re just looking for a good, secluded place to set up a tent and cook some s’mores.

Because naturally, the six year old is equally as concerned about the s’mores as I am.

the Fritch

I mentioned that the rain didn’t start until we were safe in our beds… and that’s true.  It also didn’t really stop.  We woke up to the pouring rain and a few dashed plans — no bike rides for us on Sunday — but packed up and salvaged the morning with a little breakfast at Barbara Fritchie, a place that, really, there is just no way to describe… if you’re in the Frederick area, it’s worth the experience.

Of course, if you do ever find yourself there, you might also find yourself cursing us for our inexplicable love of this little blast from the past… and truly, I’m sorry for that… but we just think the Fritch is awesome.

A day at the (penny farthing) races!

This Saturday, 25 racers from around the country lined up in downtown Frederick to compete in America’s one and only high-wheel race.

Mark and I came out, with a ton of other folks, to cheer the competitors on, who rode their penny farthing bikes through the streets for a full hour.  At the end, the person who had logged the most laps was declared the winner.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little town?

Who wants to have a potluck?

As the summer quickly fades (stop already, August!) I find myself more and more in need of a really good backyard BBQ.  Of course, Mark and I have only a little pittance of a back yard, so we might need to get creative, but never you mind… what I’m really craving is this…

These shots make me long for a potluck… good friends sharing their favorites.  How come those aren’t as popular as they used to be?  Just the word evokes images of June Cleaver dresses and JELL-O molds.

That’s right, with the big JELL-O letters those molds.

But maybe it’s time we brought it back.  And not just the practice, but the word.  Maybe it’s time we had a good old fashioned potluck.

Who’s in?

Photos: 1, 2-3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Is it Monday already?

This weekend we headed up to New York for Mark’s first suit fitting and to see a friend’s show (Her last before it heads to Scotland for Edinburgh fringe!) and since Mark was busy playing with other, fancier cameras… I got a little time behind the lens.

Pepe and I are still getting to know each other (what, you don’t name your inanimate objects?) but we’re a whole lot closer than we used to be.  Honestly, I’d say I’m about half a step above point and shoot, but hey, anything’s an improvement.

Mark was pretty excited about his fitting (I can’t wait to see!) and it gave us a good excuse to grab some tasty brunch at egg before heading into Manhattan to get ready for the show — which was amazing, and echoed a lot of important issues I’ve been thinking about lately (especially while reading this book).  I’m so proud of that kickass playwright friend of mine… but that’s nothing new.

On Sunday we squeezed in a tasty bagel and a trip to the High Line before heading home to our cozy beds and our happy puppy.  I love trips out of town, and especially love the chance to see friends, but it’s always nice to come home, too.  And I know Mr. Lennon is pretty pumped.

How was your weekend?  Was it as super hot as it was in the east?  We nearly died.

According to our iPhones

This summer is flying by much too fast.

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Our Engagement Shots: Part 2

We took these shots in what has to be one of the most beautiful, but totally deserted, spots in Agoura Hills (meticulously scouted out by our photographer, Steve Steinhardt, who I swear read my mind) in between cake tastings, food tastings, and a million other little details and appointments.  After all, we had just one trip out to California to get everything down.

With all of our prepping and planning still swimming in my head, I was worried that slowing down and posing for the camera might feel awkward (then again I’m not sure I really need the added stress to feel awkward posing… that’s kind of a given) or something might go wrong, but I think it’s pretty obvious from a few of our shots, laughing my butt off (oh man, if only I could bring myself to share the outtakes… I was in full form, that crazy laugh of mine) that we had a ton of fun.

Within just a few snaps, Steve had us laughing and totally relaxed… and honestly, the whole experience kind of felt like a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of our trip.

Thank you to our amazing photographer for capturing this happy little moment in our lives.  I know, without a doubt, that we will cherish these shots forever.

And just in case you missed it, be sure to check out part 1.

Photographer: Steve Steinhardt

Our Engagement Shots: Part 1

Okay, I’m guilty. I meant to narrow these down to just one post… but it’s just too hard.

I’m not going to say that I love myself in every shot… because really, no matter how gorgeous the pictures, a gal can always find a flaw. But still… the light…

Steve doesn’t have to go far to remind me exactly why we chose him to photograph our wedding… it’s in every little detail of his work. The simple location where we took these shots just shines.

I can’t get enough.

And in case you feel the same, I promise won’t make you wait long… in fact part 2 will be up later today! So be sure to check back.

Photographer: Steve Steinhardt