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What should I read?

books on the floor

There are a million reasons why I can’t wait for our honeymoon, but one of them is definitely the much-needed break.  I’m looking forward to a little time to sit back, relax, and read something fun (because super fun frivolous reading and the word vacation are one in the same).

I’m excited to start making a list of what books I might want to take along… and because I have a sneaking suspicion that you all are sitting on some fantastic recommendations, I thought I’d start with you.

So tell me, what book will I be crazy if I miss?

P.S. Bookshelf Porn

The Moby-Dick Big Read

And in honor of our little adventure (actually a total coincidence, but I’ll take it) have you heard about this project? I can’t be the only one who thinks this is pretty amazing.

Each day until January, a new chapter of Moby-Dick, read by the likes of Tilda Swinton and John Waters, will become available for download. Philip Hoare’s project aims to bring the classic to a whole new generation who might not even think to read about Captain Ahab and his whale (as evidenced by the growing number of folks who have not, myself included).

And to complete the body of work, each chapter is paired with a corresponding piece of art, created specifically for the Big Read.

You can learn more about the project and its purpose here, and if you have a chance, listen to this great feature on NPR (totally worth it, but I’m warning you, the story will make you want to start listening right now).

I’ve had a real hankering to read/re-read a few of my favorite classics lately, and this might be just the way to start.

What do you think? Will you devote the time to sit down and listen to Moby-Dick? Or would you rather crack the spine of the classic in the flesh?