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{Real Weddings} Chuck & Ginger’s Sweet Southern Charm

This one is really special.  I’m not sure if it’s the rustic DIY detail, the impossibly perfect, sweet Tennessee venue… or just that horse (I love that horse).  This one takes my breath away.

I had to reach out to the bride to hear more…

How did you choose your venue… did it have any special significance?
We didn’t want the typical wedding venue.  We wanted something unique and country.  My husband was from the north so we wanted to show his friends and family a southern good time when they came down, so we wanted the theme to be country chic. We finally found a venue that fit that theme.

What other special details did you incorporate into your day?
We made the last minute decision to walk down the aisle in cowboy boots which was a nice special detail I don’t regret.  My matron of honor wrote us a poem of our love story that we had displayed at our wedding.

What was your favorite part of the day?
I think my favorite part of the day was taking pictures with Chuck… spending a couple of hours before the wedding just goofing off and being ourselves really calmed our nerves down for the actual ceremony.

Any advice for other brides?
Get a good photographer. The day goes by so fast and all you’ll have left is the pictures so spend the extra research time and money in getting a good photographer

I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much, Ginger, for taking the time to answer my questions, and to your fabulous photographer for sharing these shots.

Photographer: Matt Phoenix Photography / Reception Venue and Ceremony Location: Front Porch Farms

{Real Weddings} Amos & Justine’s Vancouver Bash

I heart this wedding and this adorable couple.  From the colorful bridesmaids dresses and matching groomsmen’s socks to the gorgeous flowers and personal touches, Justine and Amos’ day looks like so much fun!

From the photographer:

Justine and Amos met when they both worked at the same law firm for a couple of years. Justine says, “Our firm had a Breakfast Club every Friday morning and Amos and I would often end up arriving before our co-workers. That is where I got to know him and his humour, good nature and blue eyes.” Amos said he is attracted to how sweetly outspoken Justine is, “she says what is on her mind and calls a spade a spade.” This is how you know you have found an amazing guy, Justine moved into Amos’s neighbourhood and before she got cable, Amos kindly invited her over to watch The Hills at his house so she wouldn’t have to miss any episodes. {Sorry ladies Amos is now married!!}

After a tricky week of on and off rain, the wedding day was here and so was the sunshine and almost summer like temperatures. It was a day that went so fast, Justine looked stunning and Amos looked so GQ. Their wedding party was FAN-TAS-TIC. I think one of the things I loved were the girls being able to choose their dresses and the colour of their dresses, then the guys matched their socks to the girls dresses. LOVE. Justine created a lot of the details at the reception herself which I love when a couple puts their own personal touch on their wedding. It truly was an amazing day.

Photographer: Daydream Weddings / Event Planner: Down the Aisle / Floral Designer: Celsia Florest / Dress Store: Frocks, J. Crew / Ceremony Location: Burnaby Village Museum / Jewelry: Twigs & Honey / Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Harry Rosen / Restaurant: Boneta

{Real Weddings} Brendan & Joanna’s Sunny Soirée

What a weekend… I’m still recovering!

Our trip was even better than expected, with great weather, amazing sunrises, fresh air, and views.  There is nothing better.  But I have to admit… all of that cold has me craving the heat, and this beautiful celebration is just the fix.

Brendan and Joanna’s intimate wedding is full of gorgeous vintage touches and plenty of sun — enough to warm even the coldest of days.

Not to mention one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve ever seen.

Photographer: Lauren Reynolds Photography / Caterer: Carbonara Catering / Floral Designer: Krista Jon / Planner and Stylist: Ki Ki Lee Herr / Cake Designer: Itty Bitty Sweets / DJ: Divel Entertainment / Equipment Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals, Classic Party Rentals / Event Venue: The Historic Cottage

Friday Link Love

Steep Street

The end of the week is here!  We’re headed off soon for a few days in the woods and the weather is so on our side it’s unbelievable.  I don’t even know what’s happening here in DC.  Weather in the 40s and 50s in December?  I’m knocking on every piece of wood I can find because seriously, this is the best winter ever.

Just right for a backpacking trip with a few good friends, a toasty fire, and some s’mores (you better believe there will be lots of s’mores).

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Everything about this wedding.

DIY dip-dyed stationery from Martha.

This dress.

Christmas with a pallet!

I need to make these.

Unconventional Christmas colors and painted driftwood. ❤

12 dates of Christmas.

This adorable Christmas card.

Amazing moms and holiday cookie swaps.

I could eat sweet potatoes every day this time of year.

{Real Weddings} Kelsey & Theron’s Hometown Heart

I love the holidays, but sometimes they can be hard.  I make it home to Oregon at least once a year, but I rarely make it for the holidays and I miss my beautiful coast.

This wedding, though…

This wedding is the perfect one to cheer me up.  I’m still in awe of the fact that, by total coincidence, it came across my desk… courtesy of the lovely Jamie Zanotti, who hails from my hometown!  I was so excited to see Jamie’s gorgeous pictures and reminisce about Coos Bay.  She is the sweetest, and Kelsey and Theron’s wedding could not be more perfect.  I just love the beautiful simplicity of the day… and that view of the North Bend bridge?  To die for.

Thank you so much for brightening my holidays, Jamie!  What an absolutely gorgeous celebration.

Here’s a little more about the day, straight from Jamie herself:

Kelsey hails from North Bend, Oregon but now lives on the East Coast.  She and Theron planned their wedding from afar, and it was to be a simple backyard affair… but Kelsey’s girlfriends wouldn’t hear of it.  They rallied together and created an elegant event.  When Kelsey’s plane came in, they took her down to the beach to collect sand and beach grass, which they paired with flowers from a gardener friend’s yard, and the results were gorgeous!  The original venue fell through, and family friends generously offered their property so the wedding would not have to be delayed.  Their home is nestled in the hills overlooking the historic North Bend Bridge (over Coos Bay), and matched with Kelsey’s girlfriends’ genius, the wedding was fabulous.

Photographer: Jamie Zanotti Photography / Caterer: Black Market Gourmet / Dress Store: BHLDN / Tuxedo and Mens Attire: J. Crew

Welcome Back!

Carter & Cook Event Co.

We had an action-packed holiday break.  It may have started out a little hectic (with loads of holiday traffic and a little late-night pie baking) but it was all worth it the next day.  Dinner was delicious and I was actually kind of proud of my pies — particularly the pumpkin.

I made a simple graham cracker crust and filled it with Paula Deen’s super-amazing filling (two words: cream cheese) then I topped the whole thing with a generous helping of whipping cream and a little dusting of cinnamon.  It was pretty and (thanks to Paula) super good.  I wish I had a picture, but you’ll just have to trust me — I think I’ll be sticking with this particular recipe for future holiday goodness.

We had a nice early Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a Singapore Sling, and spent a cozy, relaxing day recovering at home.  The next morning we managed to wake up nice and early for a short run (success!) and headed to Morgantown, WV to meet up with friends and celebrate the 116-year-old backyard brawl (WVU vs. Pitt).  The best news of the night is very much a toss-up between the WVU win and the deliciousness that is the cheese sticks at the Beanery.

The next day Mark showed me around his old campus and we visited the breathtaking overlook at Coopers Rock… then squeezed in a little more football (on the radio this time — because there is no way we could miss civil war) then realized on the way home that our very favorite pie shop ever, located in Hancock, MD and previously called Hepburn’s, has reopened.  It has a new owner and a new look – no more big red barn boo – but the same baker!!  We brought home a drool-worthy lemon crunch pie and proceeded to eat way too much… again.

Sunday brought a longer run that (try as it might) won’t begin to make up for the oh-so-serious amount of eating we did, but might do a little to help us train for the marathon we signed up for a couple of weeks ago (because we weren’t busy enough).

But most of all Sunday brought the first bits of Christmas to our home.  We haven’t gone to pick out a tree, but two tiny little reindeer have made themselves comfortable on our dining room table.  Next, we’ll need the perfect wreath for the door and one of the many gorgeous advent calendars I’m currently coveting… I might even try a button garland like the one above.

I can’t wait to finish up our decorating, bake holiday treats, wrap presents and watch Love Actually.  My Pinterest is already beginning to fill… Christmas is here!

{Real Weddings} Megan & Cameron’s Antique Celebration

Megan and Cameron’s wedding is brimming with DIY details, all put together by Megan herself.  The two lawyers were married at the Royal Mayfair Golf Club in Edmonton, Alberta with plenty of books, buttons, and birdcages… and four gorgeous mismatched bridesmaids in the prettiest shade of purple.

Photographer: Katya Nova Photography / Floral Designer: Holes Greenhouse / Musicians: Terry McDade / Reception Venue: Royal Mayfair Golf Club / Dress Store: Pure Bridal / Equipment Rentals: Special Events Rentals / Bakery: Bee Bell Bakery / Cinematographer: Hello Tomorrow Films

{Real Weddings} Anita & Zachary’s Vintage Romance

There’s a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny’s lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I’ve always been a fool.”

Did you ever see Big Fish?

It’s one of my favorite movies ever, and particularly meaningful to Mark and I.

If you haven’t seen it, do it now.  I’m serious.  It might just change your life.

If you have, I promise I really do have a point… you know when Edward goes to Spectre (the first time?) and it’s so perfect.  The shoes are hung on the power line, everyone is all smiles, and the lights in the middle of the town just sparkle like crazy?  That is what Anita and Zachary’s wedding reminds me of.

A simpler, more beautiful time.

It stole my heart.

Here’s what their photographer had to say:

Anita and Zach had an outdoor wedding at the family pond, which has long been a location for family picnic’s and get-together’s. They managed to transform the pond from an everyday picnic location into a magical outdoor reception site, complete with candles hanging from willow trees and fireworks to finish off the night. While planning a wedding from out-of-state, Anita was sure to include special details that focused on their relationship as well as their families. Most of the details were either created by Anita herself, or by friends and family members, keeping the wedding as Do-It-Yourself as possible, while still being elegant and enchanting.

Photographer: RGS Photography / Dress: Saja

{Wedding Film Wednesday}

Today’s wedding film is really special, because it was shot entirely by a friend of the bride and groom… and not a friend who also happens to be a professional videographer. A friend with nothing more than an iPhone and some seriously awesome editing skills.

Brooke, who was also a bridesmaid, was there for every second of the wedding action from the leadup to the day of, so she was able to capture moments that a regular videographer could only dream of.

The result? Amazing. To say the least…

Untitled from Brooke Hoehne on Vimeo.

The film was originally posted on Grey Likes Weddings… and it has stayed with me since. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The song in the video is “Same Heart” by The Bonfires.

{Real Weddings} Nikki & Benjamin’s DIY Lavender Love

Okay, yesterday, I swear to you, every single thing I read or watched just hit me straight to the bone… something was in the air.

One of those things was this oh so true post by Jonas Peterson…

If you read magazines and wedding blogs today, you’d think it’s all about the dress, the decorations, invitations or a million other things.


It’s not.

It’s about celebrating love, a manifestation of commitment, a gathering of friends and family.

Because you’re in love.

Jonas’ message needs to be said, and heard, again and again. It isn’t that the details aren’t important. They are. But what is really important… what really matters on the day is just, ever so simply… love. It is so easy to lose sight of that fact.

And I agree that the wedding industry often lends itself to the problem. How can it not? Blogs and magazines are there to provide inspiration for the details of the day… many are also there to provide much-needed advice. They (we? I’m not sure I’m worthy of “we” yet) serve their purpose and they do it well. I don’t know where I would be without my favorite blogs and magazines.

But it still stands to be said, and repeated again and again, as each wedding is planned, posted, or photographed…

Strip it back.

Peel the layers off.

And start again.

Look within… because what really matters, what will matter for years to come… is you. Your love. Not the food, not the timing of each and every second, not the very last detail… what matters is the person across from you… and the family and friends who are there for you.

It is so easy to lose sight.

Now, with all of that said, I have to admit that today’s wedding has its fair share of amazing details. The bride DIY’ed almost everything… from the flowers, to the centerpieces, to her own hair and makeup.

And although her mother couldn’t be there to witness the ceremony, having passed years ago, Nikki made sure her mother’s old sewing machine and a quilt she had made were incorporated into the decor in her honor.

Some details say it all.

Some photographs say it all.

There are so few days in life that bring a family together like a wedding… the time is precious.

Let the day be you.

And speaking of letting the day be you… can we just talk about how awesome this is…

Photographer: Courtney Bowlden Photography / Event Venue: MoonDance Inn