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Who wants to have a potluck?

As the summer quickly fades (stop already, August!) I find myself more and more in need of a really good backyard BBQ.  Of course, Mark and I have only a little pittance of a back yard, so we might need to get creative, but never you mind… what I’m really craving is this…

These shots make me long for a potluck… good friends sharing their favorites.  How come those aren’t as popular as they used to be?  Just the word evokes images of June Cleaver dresses and JELL-O molds.

That’s right, with the big JELL-O letters those molds.

But maybe it’s time we brought it back.  And not just the practice, but the word.  Maybe it’s time we had a good old fashioned potluck.

Who’s in?

Photos: 1, 2-3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10

On Having a Baby and Having “It All”

As a lady with a job, and a blog, and a soon-to-be husband and step-son… who would (I think) someday like to have a little bugger of my own… believe me when I say that I fully believe in and support the idea of “having it all.” Meaning nothing more than that, someday, I would really like to be able to have both a job, and a kid… as successfully as possible.

That said, I’ve been meaning to comment on Anne Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic piece because, well, I’m pretty sure she’s right… and the whole “it all” thing is a little more complicated than any of us would really like.

So — I’m not sure if the article has had quite the reach or impact on the entire country that it has on women here in Washington (do fill me in — and if you haven’t read it, do it now… then please come back and discuss) but I think it’s pretty safe to say that here… where many of us young ladies look up to Anne Marie (maybe we’ve even worked with her, or near her) and see ourselves (dream of one day) stepping into very similar shoes… well, it’s safe to say that the piece has shaken things up a bit.

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Gone Sightseeing

Forgive my conspicuous absence this week.  I’ve been playing tour guide for my family on a whirlwind little trip through NYC and DC.  It has been loads of fun and I have so much to share as soon as things return to normal, but for now, I’ll just be stealing moments aside here and there to put up a post, or maybe a tweet… maybe even a pin.  So be sure to stay tuned in all forms.

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Photo: Pinterest

{Real Weddings} Shirley & Perrin’s Fun Family Affair

Oh I love this wedding!  It is so casual and beautiful at the same time, and everyone is involved… even that super adorbs mr. dog down there!

There was definitely a time in my life when I would have said hands off to the (ahem) vertically challenged lot… but I think I’ve evolved past that point.  While I still wouldn’t say no to an amazing babysitter to keep the little ones entertained… weddings are really about family.  Why else are you going to all the trouble of having such a big party, if not to show your family how much you love and care about them?  That you want them to be a part of your special day.  Chances are, there are a couple of little ones out there that you love and care about too?

… I promise their moms will be super reasonable and make sure they don’t spill grape juice on your dress (right?).

Photography: Andrew Morrell Photography / Event Designer: Sarah Goodwin of Daisies & Pearls / Venue: Wolfe’s Neck Farm

Just Another Day in the Garden

(my mom’s garden, that is)

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always held these elaborate luncheons for friends in her garden.  She makes loads of amazing food, about five different desserts — way more than anyone could ever consume in a single sitting — and decorates everything to a T.

This time she used my dishes, since I’ve been shipping them to her house (closer to the wedding), and sent a few pictures.  Don’t they look pretty?

… so if there’s ever any doubt as to where I got the party planning bug, well… see above.



Quiet Sundays

“All that I am, or hope to be…”
~ Abraham Lincoln

Photo Credit: Christina Carroll

I just love the moment captured in this photo of the mother of the bride.

It is a quiet Sunday around here.  Mark is working and the weather is not the best.  Lennon is very concerned.  I’m taking the time to get through a few chores and make some tasty (I hope) rice pudding.