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According to our iPhones

This summer is flying by much too fast.

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The Best Peach Jam Ever

Oh my gosh I am so proud of those little jars up there.

So proud.

This was my first time canning and my very first jam.  And because all that wasn’t complicated enough, I decided to do the whole thing without pectin.

There were no guarantees here, folks… none whatsoever.  In fact I was pretty sure it was all going to turn into a big runny unsealed mess… ruining the piles and piles of gorgeous peaches that I kind of wanted to keep around forever just for the smell… our house was like heaven.

But I went for it anyway, and after about two hours of peeling those beauties, it’s okay, I was a little less sentimental.

And minus the whole peeling thing (which, by the way, is much easier to do if you use this method… but let’s not fool ourselves, it’s still no fun at all) I was happy to find that the whole process went pretty smoothly!

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Cheesy Peach Jalapeño Bread

Mark has always been a better cook than me.  In fact, I’ll toot his horn for him a little (because I’m proud) and say that he’s a better cook than most.  The only place I’ve ever been able to up him just a little (there’s that competitive streak again…) is in baking.  So when Mark decided to start baking bread, well, I’m not gonna lie… I was a little scared.  He was encroaching on my territory and I just knew he was going to be good at it.

And I was right.  But, really, I can’t say it’s all that terrible to come home to the smell of warm baking bread… or to taste this delicious-ness fresh from the oven.

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Happy Friday (the 13th!)

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m totally superstitious.  I’ve always cringed a little when someone opens an umbrella indoors or walks under a ladder.  I can’t help it… it’s a gut reaction, and I’m not even sure where it comes from.  I don’t think my parents have the same paranoia… just crazy ol’ me.

Anyone else do the same?

And (just curious) how’s your day going?  To be honest… mine has been pretty great.  So far…

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Okay, I know I’m kind of obsessing over these shots but, come on, sooo pretty.

This awesome little table.

This beautiful wedding toast (that even made me tear up a little… and I don’t know them) and amazing advice.

Garlic naan.

With this blackberry gin fizz OMG.

This chick — who is hilarious.

Family Meal, Moonrise Kingdom, and a Big Scary Storm

That’s our weekend, for the most part… some good food, a really great movie, and one super crazy storm…

On Friday night, after a long day of car trouble that meant Mark needed to take me to work, we decided to make the best of it all (extra time together!) and make our way to Family Meal.  The diner is the latest from Frederick’s favorite Voltaggio, and the food was just as good as we hoped.  We snacked on some seriously mouthwatering pot pie bites, Tillamook mac & cheese, and adult milkshakes (made with real vanilla — and a dollop of fluff).  And minus the heat, both inside and out, we had a pretty great time.

We went home to watch a little of the Tour and then head off to bed before waking up to a nice day at the pool and a little spinning of our own.  Mark is finally beginning to recover enough to get himself on a bike, as long as it’s stationary, and I think he’s pretty happy not to be confined to the couch.

On Sunday we woke up early for some homemade waffles with strawberries, almond butter, and whipped cream, our favorite (of course, not one thing I’ve mentioned has been on the wedding-approved diet… has it? shit), and hot yoga for me, then dressed up and headed to Silver Spring for a little date night at Cubano’s and the AFI.  I’ve been dying to see Moonrise Kingdom since the moment it hit the theater… and the seriously beautiful little Wes Anderson masterpiece didn’t disappoint a bit.

But let me tell you, big crashy scary storms and worried puppies… they do not mix.  In a bit of a departure from our very relaxing weekend… Mark and I spent the better part of last night comforting our little dude, trying to explain that the (admittedly pretty effing scary) crashing outside wouldn’t make its way inside to hurt us anytime soon.  He wasn’t convinced.

This morning I think we’re all feeling a little sleepy, especially since it’s still pretty gloomy out there… and this is looking like a really nice place to spend the day.

What were you up to this weekend?  And have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet?  What did you think?!

Any Marylanders out there try Family Meal?

Our Caterer: O Street Food Truck

Speaking of all of those things we’ve checked off the list, this has to be one of the most exciting. You might remember that about halfway through planning we decided to scrap our plans for a super expensive caterer and hire a food truck.

The decision was part of a series of changes that I have not regretted for a single second. If anything, I think they’ve made our wedding a whole lot more fun.

And as an added bonus, O Street’s food is better than I ever could have guessed.

With a menu ranging from French pastry pizzas and banh mi sandwiches to the perfect pommes frites, O Street takes traditional street food to a whole new level.

And I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning their super friendly and awesomely helpful owner, Liz.

If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, take my advice and track them down. I promise you won’t regret it.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even want to use them in your wedding!

Signs of Summer

As the weather warms up, so does my craving for fresh produce.  I swear I could live on the strawberries alone, so sifting through our shots from the Solvang Farmer’s Market has my mouth watering.

Did I mention that I can’t wait to go back?