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Cheesy Peach Jalapeño Bread

Mark has always been a better cook than me.  In fact, I’ll toot his horn for him a little (because I’m proud) and say that he’s a better cook than most.  The only place I’ve ever been able to up him just a little (there’s that competitive streak again…) is in baking.  So when Mark decided to start baking bread, well, I’m not gonna lie… I was a little scared.  He was encroaching on my territory and I just knew he was going to be good at it.

And I was right.  But, really, I can’t say it’s all that terrible to come home to the smell of warm baking bread… or to taste this delicious-ness fresh from the oven.

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Signs of Summer

As the weather warms up, so does my craving for fresh produce.  I swear I could live on the strawberries alone, so sifting through our shots from the Solvang Farmer’s Market has my mouth watering.

Did I mention that I can’t wait to go back?