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{Real Weddings} Martin & Nina

This super fun German couple worked hard to make sure their day was a perfect representation of themselves, and nobody else… even shunning the idea of a traditional wedding cake in favor of mincemeat pie!

I couldn’t possibly say it better than the bride, so I’ll let her tell you all about their beautiful DIY day…

Get married? No way! Should it still happen some day, then by no means in a white wedding dress. That was my staunch and constant conviction. But then finally came my dream prince, and the dream wedding followed.

In our relationship things are a bit different. The proposal was not made in the traditional way by my boyfriend, but by myself. For the two of us it was clear from the outset that we were going to have a big wedding party – with all our good friends and the entire family. We started planning our wedding two years in advance by opening a “wedding account.” Initially that was all.

We did not want to have our party in a city venue but somewhere in the countryside and so we quickly opted for the cozy Café del Sol, which is situated near the Rhine in an idyllic nature reserve. The owner’s last name was “Sunshine,” and so of course we decided in favor of his place.

… We started collecting old vases: big, small, medium-sized, simple, trashy, broken or still intact. It did not matter. We only wanted them to have charm and fit the occasion. At best they were meant to give our guests a feeling of having a history of their own. We also collected all sorts of empty bottles: wine bottles, champagne bottles, ketchup bottles. We decorated them with bright ribbons, roses and laces. Additionally we filled marmalade jars with brightly colored lemonade tablets.

… Despite rainy weather it became the most beautiful day in our lives.

… Though my husband and I are quite sweet, we did not want a sweet wedding cake. Knowing our meat-loving friends, we wanted to delight them with something more solid: a minced meat pie with onions. Many of our guests told us afterwards that the pie was THE highlight of the evening.

I think our wedding was a real success.

Photographer: Britta Schunck / Venue: Café del Sol / Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Engel & Helden / Groom’s Hair: Oliver Undorf / Dessert: Café del Sol / Flowers: DIY / DJ: Rainer Lucas / Veil and Headpieces: DIY / Rings: Trauringschmiede Düsseldorf / Jewelry: Heirloom / Schuhe Braut: Siemes / B.A. Star / Groom’s Suit: Peek & Cloppenburg / Groom’s Shoes: Lloyd / Stationery: DIY by the Groom (Matteng.de) / Button Machine: Ever Green

A Little Inspiration: Peach and Navy Perfection

Flower / Picnic / Shoes / Bouquet / Drinks / Tie / Clothes Pins / Cake / Table

A Little Inspiration: Eclectic Autumn

Bouquet / Couple / Bridesmaids / Jam / Peach Galette / Baskets / Table

I love the fall… especially here on the east coast.  Something inside me feels immediately cozy at the mere thought.  Warm colors, warm food, and the warm company of family and friends as the holidays begin… the season is just the best.

The only problem is that, when it comes to design, the season can also become a little monotonous… there is almost a sense of obligation to plan with, and even wear, the colors of the leaves…which can only be attributed to the fact that the things really are damn inspiring.

But there are so many other options out there.  In my opinion, a fall wedding palette should feel warm… cozy.  Beyond that, I can’t imagine a single limitation that should be in place.  In fact, the farther from the norm the better, and I’m loving this peach and purple palette.  While a peach is anything but a fall fruit, the last of the summer peaches often linger well into September… and the color, well the color stays around all year.

Peaches and Cream Inspiration Shoot + Cupcakes/French Macarons >> Discuss

Yum!  I always love a good edible centerpiece, and this one looks particularly delicious… I’m loving this adorable and DIY-friendly inspiration shoot, submitted via Two Bright Lights

Maybe I’m a sucker for a french macaron.  Maybe it’s 2pm and I haven’t had lunch, I don’t know…

But I’m curious… what do you all think of the cupcake/french macaron trend?  At this point I’m putting them both on the same level.  Macarons haven’t made it to the mainstream like cupcakes, but when it comes to weddings… they’ve both had their fair share of exposure.  I love them both, but at this point, I’m not sure I could bring myself to do either, having seen them both so many times… I’m actively mourning mason jars and succulents for the same reason.

What do you think?  Is this silly?  Are you planning a mason jar/succulent/cupcake and french macaron wedding?  Do you hate me for pointing this out?  Let me know your thoughts!

… they do look delicious.

Photography: Sabrina Nicole Photography / Event Planner: Modern Whimsy / Floral Designer: Photosynthesis / Invitation Designer: KR Creations and Events / Cake Designer: The Cupcake Bar / Equipment Rentals: Marquee Event Group / Bakery: Serena’s Kitchen

A Little Inspiration: Neon Citrus and Pink

Cake / Neon Sign “For Life” / Photo / Drinks / Invite

I’m seriously crushing on neon right now… especially on a day like today, when the weather outside is anything but sunny and bright.  I love the combination of pink and orange in all forms, and especially in this electric incarnation… it would be perfect for a bridal shower!