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Happy (fried brain) Friday!

jose villa style me pretty shoot

Lately, my brain has taken to spontaneous combustion.  I’ve forgotten the date, the time, what it is I’m even talking about in the middle of a sentence… at this point I think it’s safe to say that wedding brain has taken over.

The thing is that it’s not just a wedding I have to prepare for, it’s also the fact that I’m about to leave… for 3 weeks… right in the middle of a busy political season (to put it lightly) and right in the middle of the holidays…

So, that said, this morning I thought it was Tuesday.

But I suppose my recent bout of forgetfulness just emphasizes how badly I need a night out… and tonight I’m planning to do just that.  My maid of honor has the whole evening planned and I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels to just be along for the ride.  Whatever the stress that comes with these final few weeks I have to say… the one thing I’m feeling more than anything is thankful that I have such amazing people in my life.

Here are a few things I’m loving…

This is pretty on a whole new level — I can’t wait to see the book.

Norman Seef.

These vegan cookies also count as breakfast — I’m sold.

There’s an app for that.


For those of you who love doughnuts just as much as I do.

How cute is this Halloween party?

These Halloween cards too.

A Little Inspiration: Eclectic Autumn

Bouquet / Couple / Bridesmaids / Jam / Peach Galette / Baskets / Table

I love the fall… especially here on the east coast.  Something inside me feels immediately cozy at the mere thought.  Warm colors, warm food, and the warm company of family and friends as the holidays begin… the season is just the best.

The only problem is that, when it comes to design, the season can also become a little monotonous… there is almost a sense of obligation to plan with, and even wear, the colors of the leaves…which can only be attributed to the fact that the things really are damn inspiring.

But there are so many other options out there.  In my opinion, a fall wedding palette should feel warm… cozy.  Beyond that, I can’t imagine a single limitation that should be in place.  In fact, the farther from the norm the better, and I’m loving this peach and purple palette.  While a peach is anything but a fall fruit, the last of the summer peaches often linger well into September… and the color, well the color stays around all year.

Just Another Day in the Garden

(my mom’s garden, that is)

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always held these elaborate luncheons for friends in her garden.  She makes loads of amazing food, about five different desserts — way more than anyone could ever consume in a single sitting — and decorates everything to a T.

This time she used my dishes, since I’ve been shipping them to her house (closer to the wedding), and sent a few pictures.  Don’t they look pretty?

… so if there’s ever any doubt as to where I got the party planning bug, well… see above.



A Little Inspiration: Amber, Blue, and Red

Krystal Mann / SB Childs Photography / Edyta Szyszlo Photography / DIY Paper Rosettes / Table Setting via Dreamy Whites

A Little Inspiration: Lemon Lime Stripes

Save the Date via Inspired by This / Table via Inspired by This / Streamer Runner via Ruffled / Photo via Style Me Pretty / Photo via Matchbook Magazine / Yellow Candy Stripe Straws via Style Me Pretty / Table Setting via Ritzy Bee

Jadeite Love

Birdcage Veil on Etsy / Martha Stewart via Kirtsy / Jadeite Dishes via Our Nesting Place / Madden Photography / Meadowbrook Farm

I’ve officially started scouring ebay for the perfect jadeite dishes.  Because it’s going to be a small ceremony and I already have about 25 sets of these, my mom has been awesome enough to offer to finish off the table with 25 sets of jadeite.  We tried out the combination when I was home last and the two worked beautifully together.

So if anyone comes across any really fabulous and cheap jadeite (I’m thinking Fire King’s Jane Ray edition?) let me know!

For those of you with a bigger order, there are so many amazing vintage rental shops springing up all over the place.  I just love that the option exists to rent vintage if you’re not into the standard bone china or basic furniture.  100 Layer Cake has a great list here, and if you’re in Southern California, be sure to add in Archive Vintage Rentals.  Stephanie is a total joy to work with — really sweet and so so helpful.