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Happy Surprises

adorable creekside engagement photo

1 // Learning that one of my very best friends (who has had a crazy amazing busy year and I am so so proud of her — so I totally understood when she said she wouldn’t be able to make it) just bought a ticket to come to our wedding.

2 // Coming home to fresh seared scallops and cider with rum.

3 // … not to mention a clean house and an empty basket of laundry.  That guy, he knows just what to do to tug at my heart.

4 // A sweet gift for Austin from his soon-to-be step-gramma.

5 // Realizing that after months (maybe years) of work with no change at all, I’m running just a little bit faster.

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, with tons of work and the wedding right around the corner, but in the end… it’s always the good stuff that comes out on top.

Photo: Cassidy Carson via Snippet & Ink

The Santa Ynez Valley

Pinch me.  This is where I’m going to get married.

This place could not be any more beautiful… and if the weather is not always perfect (which I suspect that it is) it was certainly perfect for us.

We had a lovely flight (Virgin America is the best) and arrived in LA for a quick tour and a gorgeous drive up PCH before settling into our beautiful guest house in Los Olivos.  We stayed just a few miles over the mountain from the place where we’ll be married this November, and got just a little taste of what we’re in for (OMG the sunsets).  In between cake tastings, food tastings (pics of those to come) and more than a few fantastic wine tastings, we took in the sights and ate a seriously copious amount of food at Sides Hardware and Shoes (that brioche french toast?  unreal) and El Rancho Market.

But I have to say, the most fantastic thing about the whole trip was the peace of mind I gained when I realized that each and every vendor we chose was not just great… but drop-dead amazing.

They are amazing… and I can’t say enough.  These people are not just talented, but absolutely wonderful, professional, and kind… I couldn’t be more excited to work with them all this November.

I couldn’t be more excited to go back to this place!

Photos: Courtesy of my lovely fiancé.

Happy Halloween!

… and happy birthday to my favorite guy!! (he was the little orange one on the left)

I love you more than I can say.

You are my ally, my accomplice, my mentor, and my best friend.  You keep my feet on the ground… and you never let my dreams fall down to meet them.  You know when to listen, and when maybe it’s better to ignore.  You know when I need a hug — or a big bowl of ice cream — and you never stop making me smile.  You never stop challenging me.  And you never stop making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

We were written in the stars, you.

Happy birthday Halloween baby!

Pick Your Own

The weather over Labor Day weekend wasn’t the best, but there was this one day… so Mark and I decided to seize it as best we could.

We visited a local winery, Black Ankle Vineyards (they do weddings in case you’re looking!) and a pick your own wildflower field… and Mark is playing with a new camera, so I got to play model!

Photos by Dirt Hill Photography