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A Little Inspiration: Pretty Pastels

Streamer Garland / Horses / Vase / Bouquet / Chandelier / Bride / Table / Bridesmaids / Ties / Door

There is something so classic about a pretty pastel wedding.  Add in a few rustic touches and I’m sold.  For me, this look comes close to perfect.

Floral Inspiration: Ranunculus

Native to Asia and celebrated for its bright beauty, the ranunculus is available in nearly every color, from white to pink, red, yellow, and orange.  Often considered as a cost-effective alternative to the rose and the peony, the lush, multipetaled bloom is actually a relative of the buttercup — that little flower you might have picked and held close to your chin as a child — and stands just as well on its own as it does as an accent.

Season: Late fall to early spring.

Meaning: You are radiant with charm, attractive.

Pros: The sturdy stem and hardy flower of the ranunculus make it a popular choice for wedding arrangements.  Once cut, ranunculus can last up to a week, making it an ideal pick for both bouquets and centerpieces.

Ranunculus comes in many colors, and is pretty in bouquets at all levels of openness, from a tight bloom to a fully open flower.

Cons: Because there is only one flower on each stem, and the flowers tend to be small, many stems will be needed in each bouquet.  Unless, that is, you use the ranunculus as an accent flower.

The ranunculus can be wire-wrapped, but prefers to be in water and may begin to droop by the end of the night without it.

Photo: Once Wed

Friday Link Love

Have you read A Practical Wedding?  Because it truly is amazing.  And oh-so relevant to planning a real wedding in this day and age — straight talk, no bs, no long list of must-haves.  I wish I had read it before this journey began.  I’m not sure I would have done anything differently… but I might have found a little comfort in its honesty.

Then again, maybe now is the perfect time to read this book.  This morning I laughed out loud while reading Kayce Hazelgrove’s “The Six Stages of Wedding Planning,” including #1. Euphoria: “Squeee,” #2. Discovery: “Ooooh, pretty,” #3. Panic: “How the hell?,” #4. Outrage/Depression: “What the eff,” “Eff me,” and #5. Rebellion: “Eff it.”  In this fifth stage, “It is not uncommon to find yourself telling overzealous friends and family where to stick their ‘helpful suggestions.'”

Recently, I’ve found myself floating somewhere in between numbers four and five, feeling like a crazy person and a little alone in my insanity.  My groom has an uncanny ability to be calm approximately 99.8 percent of the time… so that feeling that there might be a crazy person lurking somewhere in the house is particularly prominent when I’m off my rocker.

Thankfully, after breaking down a little, I was promptly reminded by a few fantastic friends that it would all be okay… my feelings were normal and my day would be beautiful.  Sometimes, in the midst of a breakdown, all you need is to be told.

The stages end in #6: Zen: “It is what it is.”

Having progressed through the other five stages, you are left with a feeling of having done all you could do.  Calmness sets in.  You accept that things will go wrong but understand that they won’t take away from the beauty of the day.  This stage is often followed by the drinking of copious amounts of alcohol and the shaking of your bottom.

It’s not that this concept is a foreign one. It’s the same reassurance my friends and family have steeped upon me in the past few weeks… but it’s good to hear, to have that reassurance that what you’re going through is normal and in the end, it will all be okay.

If you haven’t read the book, get it now… I’m loving it like crazy this week, along with these few other things…

Speaking of APW, I also love spreadsheets.

This lovely dahlia arrangement.

Everything about this awesome wedding, Part 1 and Part 2.

A letter from Johnny to June.

The gorgeous bridal shots, the morning of.

Things to worry about.

Valentines Day… which was perfect for a million reasons, including the amazing meal we had here.

Photo: Tec Petaja

{Real Weddings} Victor & Pilar’s Day After

I’m not always the biggest fan of “trash the dress,” but this session has me begging for more.  Miguel Varona took these gorgeous shots of Victor and Pilar the day after their wedding in Valencia, Spain.  They were shot entirely on film (be still my heart) on Malvarosa beach and in the surrounding area… and with such a beautiful place and such a beautiful couple, really, how can you go wrong?

Photographer: Miguel Varona

Theresa & Nathan’s Flowery Branch Engagements

I’ve been thinking more and more about our engagement shots… where they might be, what we might wear, props or no props.  There are so many options, but I think my favorites are the kind you see here…

Just two people in love.

(in a totally gorgeous place… of course)

Photographer: +Raven / Location: Williams Mill Greenspace

{Real Weddings} Rachael & Adam’s Stylish Soirée

When I first opened this gorgeous submission from Anne Nunn Photographers, I wondered if it was a styled shoot.  I mean, seriously, look at that gorgeous couple.

Turns out, Rachael and Adam are just that fabulous.

As a photographer herself, Rachael knew exactly how to get the most gorgeous shots imaginable on her day.  She gave her photogs complete freedom to go anywhere they liked, and a full two and a half hours to shoot… which now has me rethinking my planned hour and a half.  Enough, do you think?  Maybe not.

Photographer: Anne Nunn Photographers / Hair Stylist: Face it! / Floral Designer: Cherish Hill Florist / Cake Designer: Market of Choice / Jewelry: Hum Designs Jewelry / Event Venue: Downtown Athletic Club, New Song Fellowship

{Real Weddings} Amos & Justine’s Vancouver Bash

I heart this wedding and this adorable couple.  From the colorful bridesmaids dresses and matching groomsmen’s socks to the gorgeous flowers and personal touches, Justine and Amos’ day looks like so much fun!

From the photographer:

Justine and Amos met when they both worked at the same law firm for a couple of years. Justine says, “Our firm had a Breakfast Club every Friday morning and Amos and I would often end up arriving before our co-workers. That is where I got to know him and his humour, good nature and blue eyes.” Amos said he is attracted to how sweetly outspoken Justine is, “she says what is on her mind and calls a spade a spade.” This is how you know you have found an amazing guy, Justine moved into Amos’s neighbourhood and before she got cable, Amos kindly invited her over to watch The Hills at his house so she wouldn’t have to miss any episodes. {Sorry ladies Amos is now married!!}

After a tricky week of on and off rain, the wedding day was here and so was the sunshine and almost summer like temperatures. It was a day that went so fast, Justine looked stunning and Amos looked so GQ. Their wedding party was FAN-TAS-TIC. I think one of the things I loved were the girls being able to choose their dresses and the colour of their dresses, then the guys matched their socks to the girls dresses. LOVE. Justine created a lot of the details at the reception herself which I love when a couple puts their own personal touch on their wedding. It truly was an amazing day.

Photographer: Daydream Weddings / Event Planner: Down the Aisle / Floral Designer: Celsia Florest / Dress Store: Frocks, J. Crew / Ceremony Location: Burnaby Village Museum / Jewelry: Twigs & Honey / Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Harry Rosen / Restaurant: Boneta

{Real Weddings} Brendan & Joanna’s Sunny Soirée

What a weekend… I’m still recovering!

Our trip was even better than expected, with great weather, amazing sunrises, fresh air, and views.  There is nothing better.  But I have to admit… all of that cold has me craving the heat, and this beautiful celebration is just the fix.

Brendan and Joanna’s intimate wedding is full of gorgeous vintage touches and plenty of sun — enough to warm even the coldest of days.

Not to mention one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve ever seen.

Photographer: Lauren Reynolds Photography / Caterer: Carbonara Catering / Floral Designer: Krista Jon / Planner and Stylist: Ki Ki Lee Herr / Cake Designer: Itty Bitty Sweets / DJ: Divel Entertainment / Equipment Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals, Classic Party Rentals / Event Venue: The Historic Cottage

Laundry Day Inspiration Shoot

With the weather turning cold, it’s all I can do not to think about the long winter ahead… so this sunny, sexy inspiration shoot is a welcome distraction. The shoot was a total DIY by Chelsea McGowan of McGowan Images and Meagan Bechtel of MegBDesign… right down to the flowers from the local grocery store.

And as if that weren’t enough, I am just plain in love with Chelsea’s answer to the question below…

Whenever we post things like this, I always get someone who asks, “Why?” The answer is, and will probably always be, because I want to. It’s nice to shoot for ourselves. It keeps us creatively limber, and it’s fun. As a bonus, it encourages our brides to think outside the box for their own sessions and wedding decor. I hope we’ll always remember to set aside time a few days a year to shoot sessions like this, just because we want to create something beautiful.

Me too!! Thanks, Chelsea, for sharing this gorgeous shoot!

Photographer: McGowan Images / Event Designer: MegBDesign

{Real Weddings} Kelsey & Theron’s Hometown Heart

I love the holidays, but sometimes they can be hard.  I make it home to Oregon at least once a year, but I rarely make it for the holidays and I miss my beautiful coast.

This wedding, though…

This wedding is the perfect one to cheer me up.  I’m still in awe of the fact that, by total coincidence, it came across my desk… courtesy of the lovely Jamie Zanotti, who hails from my hometown!  I was so excited to see Jamie’s gorgeous pictures and reminisce about Coos Bay.  She is the sweetest, and Kelsey and Theron’s wedding could not be more perfect.  I just love the beautiful simplicity of the day… and that view of the North Bend bridge?  To die for.

Thank you so much for brightening my holidays, Jamie!  What an absolutely gorgeous celebration.

Here’s a little more about the day, straight from Jamie herself:

Kelsey hails from North Bend, Oregon but now lives on the East Coast.  She and Theron planned their wedding from afar, and it was to be a simple backyard affair… but Kelsey’s girlfriends wouldn’t hear of it.  They rallied together and created an elegant event.  When Kelsey’s plane came in, they took her down to the beach to collect sand and beach grass, which they paired with flowers from a gardener friend’s yard, and the results were gorgeous!  The original venue fell through, and family friends generously offered their property so the wedding would not have to be delayed.  Their home is nestled in the hills overlooking the historic North Bend Bridge (over Coos Bay), and matched with Kelsey’s girlfriends’ genius, the wedding was fabulous.

Photographer: Jamie Zanotti Photography / Caterer: Black Market Gourmet / Dress Store: BHLDN / Tuxedo and Mens Attire: J. Crew